The Spartan team is currently developing a new and improved casino model that will create a paradigm shift in the online gambling industry that solves all the existing issues. We will implement and run a blockchain-based ecosystem with its own set of smart contracts and custom live dealer games to meet online gambling requirements. The ultimate goal of is to remove the risks inherent in the current system by making it decentralized, transparent, and trustworthy.

Through partnerships with leading live dealer gaming software providers, Spartan will be a first mover in the live dealer blockchain game space. We will offer a wide range of live dealer games and an improved iGaming experience for online gambling and sports betting alike. The Spartan platform will be built on the secure and flexible BSC Blockchain network and incorporate a robust protocol for trustless and decentralized casino gaming as well as a live dealer module. The result is the first plug-and-play casino environment for affiliates and players that is:

When players buy IRON tokens and put them in their wallets, they can receive a staking reward for holding the coin. These rewards can be traded for BNB and other crypto currencies.


Building on the powerful Binance Smart Chain Network gives Spartan flexibility, transparency and security.


IRON is an BEP-20 token. It can be earned in some games on Spartan through Proof of Play mechanisms.


There is a wide selection of games, blockchain technology, a unique live dealer experience and a reward mechanism for all platform participants.

The Iron Model

Spartan Casino presents one of its most valuable tokens - $IRON on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It can be earned through all the fun and entertaining platform games via Proof of Game mechanisms. The IRON token is planned to be listed on various crypto exchanges that are relevant for the listing of $IRON and will be instrumental to ensure a swift listing process.


The IRON tokens are issued electronically and comply with the BEP-20 smart contract standards consisting of software code, existing on the BSC blockchain.

Since $IRON is a BEP-20 standard token, it will be used within the decentralized Spartan Casino platform serving as an in-game currency and will have exchange value inside the platform. The Platform also provides the wallet for IRON tokens.


$IRON will only be used to play in-house games like DICE game at the moment. Also, for this DICE game, both IRON and WARRIOR tokens will be deployed. However, gamers don't need IRON tokens to start other games. In-fact they can play using ETH, BNB, BTC and a multitude of other currencies. Therefore, Spartan players will be able to use other currencies along with $IRON to play games.

Gamers will play games, and once they’ve finished playing, they will receive IRON tokens in return. This incentivized system strengthens the Spartan Casino platform. $IRON will support various casino games on the BSC network such as slots, roulettes, dice and many others. Most importantly, live dealer games and sports betting are the real deal when it comes to using $IRON.

Moreover, there is proof of gaming which acts as a mining process and runs when gamers are logged into the spartan account but aren’t actively using their computers. Furthermore, platform holders stake a small amount of $IRON and hold it long enough in their wallet to earn staking rewards in return. With this mechanism, token holders can grow their $IRON assets and simultaneously earn some % of company profits.

Minimum holding

5000 IRON Token per Wallet

Staked for 1 year multiplies into

1 IRON = 0.25 IRON

Staked for 2 year multiplies into

1 IRON = 0.5 IRON

Staked for 3 year multiplies into

1 IRON = 0.75 IRON

In addition, our first in-house game - DICE WARS will be going live in July 2021 where both IRON and WARRIOR tokens can be used to stake and play. We will have a plethora of other exciting in-house games coming up soon where IRON can be deployed. The IRON token holders can also stake $IRON and hold it for a period of time in their wallet to earn rewards in return. Token holders can increase their $IRON balance and simultaneously get a slice of the company profits which will be distributed annually.

The Halving event
There will be a halving event every 12 months. Holding IRON coin will increase the value for investors.

Token Name           : IRON

Total Max Supply   : 10,000,000,000 $IRON

Pre-mine                : 3,000,000,000 $IRON

To be mined           : 7,000,000,000 $IRON

Contract                 : 0xafce59058ef161a0939225e3ae5dedda687ddb2d


The proposed distribution of 10,000,000,000 $IRON supply will be as follows:

70% Mining and Staking in Games

12.5% Marketing Development

5% Liquidity for Games

5% Spartan Teams

2.5% Strategic Advisors

2.5% IDO and Listing

2% Platform Incentivization

0.5% Token Burns

This is the estimated mining schedule for IRON and staking will start as players join the game

Calendar Year Premined Rewards Circulation To be minted
2021 3M 3503421310 6503421310 3496578690
2022 3M 1751710655 8255131965 1744868035
2023 3M 875855328 9130987293 859012708
2024 3M 437927664 9568914956 431085044
2025 3M 218963832 9787878788 2121211212
2026 3M 109481916 9897360704 102639296
2027 3M 54740958 9952101662 47899338
2028 3M 27370479 9979472141 47898338
2029 3M 13685239 9993157381 6842619
2030 3M 6842620 1000000000 0

The above table provides a detailed view of the yearly distribution of the tokens. Assuming the staking rewards start at 01.01.2020 and the first-year total staking reward is 3,503,421,310. The total tokens in circulation at the end of 2020 (31.12.2020) will be 6,503,421,310. This will include the pre-mined 3,000,000,000 tokens as well.

The above table provides a detailed view of yearly distribution of the tokens. Assuming the staking rewards were started at 01.01.2021 and the first year total staking reward is 3,503,421,310 the total tokens in circulating at the end of year 2021 (as on 31.12.2021) will be 6,503,421,310, this will include the premined 3,000,000,000 tokens as well.

In the next year, the amount of rewards provided for staking will be halved from the original 3,503,421,310 and it will be 1,751,710,655. The total tokens in circulation at the end of year 2022 (as on 31.12.2022) will be 8,255,131,965, this will include the premined 3,000,000,000 and the 3,503,421,310 generated in 2021.

What is WAR?

WAR is the WARIOR Token on the platform and it allows the holders access to a very unique revenue stream on the platform.

How many WARRIOR Tokens are available?

To further drive the value of the WARRIOR token, only 100,000,000 tokens will be preminted. To experience the power, all holders will stake the WARRIOR token on their Metamask and trust wallets and that is how the participants are instantly recognised on the platform. WARRIOR token rewards will be distributed by playing certain games on the platform and by watching video ads before the live dealer games begin and during livestream sporting events.

What is in it for advertisers? offers several options to advertisers, including a Cost per Milli or per banner/time basis pay per view for all ads shown. Advertisers gain exclusive access to a global community of players. All advertising revenue received will be displayed transparently and a good percentage will be redistributed to all WARRIOR Token holders regularly.

For investors and players

Users will be given the option to view short Video ads before they play the live Dealer games and during livestream sporting events. They will be rewarded with WARRIOR Tokens for watching these ads. This is a model that benefits everyone involved and grows the ecosystem, giving users of the platform an additional loyalty bonus. The Paid per view model proposed will give viewers the chance to watch sports and receive unique immediate rewards on our platform and allows them to cash out those rewards with our partner exchanges and direct trading swaps turning their time into money any time they wish. This in turn will attract more gamers and sports enthusiasts over time thus building the brand and expanding the reach on a global level.

How can I get access to the WARRIOR Token?

WARRIOR token can be accessed from our partners from the DEX trading platform which are Bakeryswap and Julswap and CEX platforms which are Bithumb Global and Latoken. It is trading on these platforms in a multitude of currencies.

War Tokenomics
Total supply = 100 million


Public Sale


Private Sale


Burn Token


Marketing, Publicity and Promotions


Liquidity supply for Listing


Technology and Licenses




Players for gaming on Spartan platform


Minimum holding

3000 WARRIOR Token per Wallet

Staked for 1 year multiplies into


Staked for 2 year multiplies into


Staked for 3 year multiplies into


In addition, WARRIOR token holders will have a stake of the advertising revenue distributed semi-annually. Minimum stake into advertising revenue 3000 WARRIOR tokens and ratio of advertising share will be based on the holding. The ad revenue allocated for WARRIOR Token holders will be 25%. Major proportion ad revenues will be reinvested into the platform for gaming, bonuses, rewards, and marketing. The Promoters get only 10% of the ad revenue share.

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