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About Spartan


Spartan Casino is an innovative profit-sharing casino which generates passive income for all token holders within the platform. Spartan Casino lets you dive into a new realm of live dealer casino gaming with a fun, fast, provably fair and immersive iGaming experience.

The Spartan team is currently developing a new and improved casino model that will create a paradigm shift in the online gambling industry and solve complex issues encountered by online gamers . We will implement and run a blockchain-based ecosystem with its own set of smart contracts and custom live dealer games to meet online gambling requirements. The ultimate goal of spartan.casino is to remove the risks inherent in the current system by making it decentralized, transparent, and trustworthy for everyone involved. By creating a new system and a set of smart contracts on top of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum and Polygon chains, we will create the spartan.casino network that governs the operating model of the whole ecosystem. This model will not only allow us to transfer and record players’ results on the BSC, Ethereum and Polygon chains, but also enable near-instant payments and a consistent cash flow through the Proof of Stake (POS) of spartan.casino tokens.

Spartan.casino will be a pioneer in the blockchain gaming industry in addressing and overcoming many constraints faced by the current online gaming industry. It promotes transparency, low barriers to entry, low entry fee for players, and smooth conversion and transfer of crypto payments and currencies. By keeping third party relationships and focusing on areas of expertise within the supply chain network, we are able to contain the operational expenses and reduce high overheads.

A robust protocol for trustless and decentralized casino gaming in combination with the live dealer will position Spartan as the future of cross chain gambling DApps and will unlock new possibilities for players, operators and advertisers alike. The recently launched casino, exclusive and original game offerings, and the innovative take on blockchain-based games create a platform for partnerships with leading live dealership game providers.

Through partnerships with leading live dealer gaming software providers, Spartan will be a first mover in the live dealer blockchain game space. We will offer a wide range of live dealer games and an improved iGaming experience for online gambling and sports betting alike. The Spartan platform will be built on the secure and flexible Cross Chain network and incorporate a robust protocol for trustless and decentralized casino gaming as well as a live dealer module. The result is the first plug-and-play casino environment for affiliates and players that is:









When players buy iBAR tokens and put them in their wallets, they can receive a staking reward for holding the token. These rewards can be traded for BNB and other crypto currencies.


Building on the powerful cross chain network gives Spartan flexibility, transparency and security.


iBAR is an ERC-20 token and will also be placed on the cross chain on Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon. It can be earned in some games on Spartan through Proof of Play mechanisms.


There is a wide selection of games, blockchain technology, a unique live dealer experience and a reward mechanism for all platform participants.


The live dealer feature is unique to Spartan Casino and creates a new standard for online gaming platforms as a whole. It will create a real casino atmosphere for players while blockchain technology will provide top-notch safety and transparency protocols.

THE Live dealer

Casino gaming



IRON BAR (iBAR) is an ERC-20 standard token on the spartan.casino platform where game makers, operators and players can leverage iBAR tokens for their respective fee and revenue. The tokens will be issued on the Ethereum chain and will be taken cross chain through the burn and bridging functions. Envisioning the decentralization nature of spartan.casino, iBAR harnesses peer-to-peer technology offering inexpensive, secure and transparent gaming experience. There will be a total of 5 billion iBAR token supply.

iBAR is a gaming token and will be deployed with both in-house casino games called the Dice War, Bobbledrop, Roulette, and Mega Dice and gameFi games on the metaverse like the Hunt, and Drift The Block as well as the Operational Web 2.0 Casino comprising 2000+ games. It has already been integrated successfully onto the blockchain casino games and the staking platform.


Envisioning the decentralization nature of Spartan Casino, iBAR harnesses peer-to-peer technology offering inexpensive, secure and transparent gaming experience. The current supply of the tokens is 5 bn on the Ethereum Chain and with burn and bridging will be subsequently available on Polygon. BSC, and Solana chain.



Spartan Casino provides an iBAR token wallet so that players can use this token as an in-game currency, enabling trading, staking and earning all within the platform. Spartan platform follows an incentivized system where players receive iBAR tokens for playing games. It supports a wide range of blockchain games starting. iBAR token holders can also stake their tokens and earn attractive staking returns in the form of APY. In the long run, token holders get the opportunity to even earn some percentage of the company’s profit. Moreover, Spartan Casino is currently working on ensuring the speedy listing of iBAR tokens on various crypto exchanges.








TEAM : 500M IBAR (10%)

ADVISORS / VC : 250M (5%)





WARRIOR, also called WAR, is a BEP-20 standard token on the Spartan Casino platform and it allows the holders access to a very unique revenue stream on the platform.In addition the iBAR will also be linked to the Hunt game on the metaverse to make it an attractive token for a wider playing communit

How many WARRIOR Tokens are available?

To further drive the value of the WARRIOR token, only 100,000,000 tokens are pre-minted. To experience the power, all holders will stake the WARRIOR token on their Metamask and Trust Wallets and that is how the participants are instantly recognised on the platform. WARRIOR token rewards will be distributed by playing certain games on the Spartan Casino platform and by watching video ads before the live dealer games begin and during livestream sporting events. Warrior will also be launched on cross chains including Polygon and Ethereum down the line. Similar to iBAR, WARRIOR token is also a staking token earning an APY at the end of the year.


Spartan Casino offers several options to advertisers, including a Cost per Milli or per banner/time basis pay per view for all ads shown. Advertisers gain exclusive access to a global community of players. All advertising revenue received will be displayed transparently and a good percentage will be redistributed to all WARRIOR token holders regularly.


Users will be given the option to view short video ads before they play the live Dealer games and during livestream sporting events. They will be rewarded with WARRIOR tokens for watching these ads. This is a model that benefits everyone involved and grows the ecosystem, giving users of the platform an additional loyalty bonus. The paid per view model proposed will give viewers the chance to watch sports and receive unique immediate rewards on our platform and allows them to cash out those rewards with our partner exchanges and direct trading swaps turning their time into money any time they wish. This in turn will attract more gamers and sports enthusiasts over time thus building the brand and expanding the reach on a global level.


Spartan casino has been endorsed by Polygon promoters and we are in the process of launching our marketing collaboration with them. Polygon chain will be extremely beneficial in terms of developing new traffic as the community is new to the casino Industry and has a huge gaming appetite. The chain has in excess of 1 million users. We also have had a collaboration with Bakeryswap, one of the biggest DEX platforms on the BSC chain. We hold the record of having the fastest raise of 810,000 USD in 12 seconds to date. We have a collaboration in the works with Shiba INU to list our iBAR token through their DAO. Spartan has also been offered premium Shib land on their Shib yard to build our metaverse casino in the future. In addition, we are in conversations with TDEFI for Incubation as well as with BuyuCoin to list the Warrior token on their Exchange which has a rabid user base in excess of 1.2 million. We are also in conversation with several Affiliate Networks, Affiliates etc for tie-ups and collaboration.



Spartan Casino provides an attractive APY of 15% paid in iBAR as well as WARRIOR tokens. WARRIOR token holders will also earn additional APY in iBAR for being early backers of the project.



We have developed a platform in which a certain amount of tokens are held aside for some period of time for the team, partners, advisors, and others who are contributing to the development of the project. Spartan Casino smart contracts will lock these tokens until contract conditions are met and gradually release them during the project process for financial purposes.

In general terms, the process of releasing these tokens is called vesting. Vesting is usually used to show that the team is highly interested in the project, and will continue working on project development. Additionally, vesting lowers market price manipulations. There is often a several-year “cliff”, meaning that the individual must be with the company for a couple of years to release the first increment of tokens.


Spartan Casino is built on sound technology, and is supported by a team of extraordinary people. Our parent company, Titan Corp Ltd which has a successful track record in strategic private equity funding in various Industries, across multiple different verticals, and delivering high-return investments in the digital and online marketplace. As a starting point, Titan Corp Inc has focused on online casino and eGaming because of its tremendous potential, scalability, and usability. Spartan Casino and Spartan Gaming plans to introduce new twists and features to already popular games in order to keep players engaged and entertained.


Features Traditional online casinos Blockchain Casinos Spartan Casino
Decentralized Platform
Enables a system of trust
Instant Gaming
Innovative blockchain based games
Provably fair incentification
User anonymity
Sports betting
Rich live dealer gaming experience
Rewards based Proof of Playing Mechanism
Access to new markets
Ease in carrying out transactions
Eliminates cross border discrimination


With the rise of the Metaverse on everyone’s minds in 2022 we have already taken steps to be very much relevant to the casino and crypto industry by making moves to rebrand ourselves as the world’s first ‘’Multi-chain Multiverse casino’’. Over the last few months we have taken steps to deep dive on this market’s potential and with the adaptability of our current and future plans to the growing demography, market conditions, global demand, and the ever changing landscape of regulatory and tax structures. We have made formal acquisitions on the Shiba INU Land namely (SHIB YARD) in a premium location, in which we are expecting high traffic footfall, once the Metaverse and location opens up to the general public. We will be building on other locations that match our strategic aims, including but not limited to SandBox and Decentraland. Both these locations have extensive time and experience in the crypto space and with Sandbox being in the industry for a long time and recently extending their mobile offering to the blockchain industry very recently, it’s no wonder they are a market leader in the space.


  • Conceptualization and development of Spartan Casino.

  • Conceptualization of iBAR token as the gaming and staking token.
    It’s the mainstay token of Spartan Casino

  • Secured industry partnership.

  • Partnerships for branding and casino games reached.

  • Finalize the marketing plan and fund-raising strategy internally and
    with the identified CEX and DEX platforms.

  • Launching of WARRIOR tokens for fund raise for marketing, technology,
    licenses and operations. It’s also a staking token for in-house games.

  • IDO of WARRIOR tokens (on Bakeryswap – conducted on 2nd March 2021)
    Start development of Spartan Casino’s in-house games.
    Partnership with gaming companies.

  • Final phase of project development work commences.

  • Listing of WARRIOR tokens on centralized exchanges.
    Launch of casino and live dealer games.

  • Launch Live Sports Betting, where players can bet BNB on live sports before or during the games.
    Launch the casino club suite.
    Launch slot games.
    Have a fully operational online casino through a third-party provider with the Curacao license in place.

  • Partnership with Polygon
    Partnership with Bithumb Global

  • Incorporation of Titan Corp as a legal company in the UAE
    Opening of bank accounts

  • Partnership with AIBC
    Showcasing and presenting Spartan casino at global Events

  • The operational casino going live with 2000 games

  • IDO of iBAR on multiple cross chain platforms and listing. Launch of the Hunt trailer on Spartan gaming. Story-boarding and game playing of more egames. Launch of Dice War Game on the Platform and link it to iBAR token.
  • Beta testing of the Operational Casino in the community

  • Exploring tie ups with Affiliate Networks and cross chains

  • Sigma and AIBC Conference which opened doors to synergies
    Tie up with Sigma


Kavita S. Naithaani (MA, CFA) CEO , CFO

Kavita has 28 years of experience in managing operations, insurance, and finances of start ups and multinational companies at a global level. She is the Founder and CEO and CFO of Titan Corp Inc. and Spartan Casino and has held senior positions with major financial Corporations like Citibank, Aon, Marsh, Willis and RAKBANK. At Titan Corp, she is responsible for stakeholder management, board level interaction, strategy and strategic tie-ups, full project management, operations, financial control, oversight of the online gaming platforms off chain and on chain, and investor collaborations. She is the key decision maker and brings a plethora of experience in building businesses, raising investments, providing risk management, investment banking, stakeholder management, and financial operations. At Titan Corp she has brought in the gravitas to drive the business; build big networks with gaming providers, investment funds and Exchanges (CEX, DEX). She has been the pillar and mainstay behind Titan Corp Inc’s transition to a mature phase She brings a combination of traditional financial services and fintech experience to the forefront, in successfully building up blockchain projects including DEFI projects, enabling mining of cryptocurrency projects and developing gaming platforms. She is responsible for launching and expanding various brands under Titan Corp, broadly encompassing Spartan Casino, Spartan igaming and the metaverse casinos, putting the company on course to becoming a global online entertainment company. Kavita has a Masters in Economics from the University of Cambridge and the University of Manchester in the UK, is a CFA Charterholder and has attended Global Leadership training programs.

Christopher Esprit CCO, CTO

Christopher is a highly skilled and experienced Chief Creative Officer and Chief Technology Officer, currently posted at Titan Corp Inc. He is a trailblazing futurist who constantly seeks new challenges to push creative and technical boundaries. With a passion for emerging technologies such as NFTs, AI, and ML, he brings a unique perspective to complex problems, especially in the iGaming, gambling, and Web3 space. Christopher is a specialist in Blockchain-based technologies and has extensive experience in building online casino frameworks, sports betting, lead generation, and bringing channel partners together. His knowledge of blockchain technology and Bitcoin mining, dating back to 2009, makes him a highly sought-after expert in the industry. He has been a vociferous advocate of cryptocurrencies and the integration of blockchain technology in organizations across various sectors, and his expertise in NFT art, gaming and gambling, and blockchain has helped shape the industry.

Christopher consistently delivers innovative and creative solutions, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the iGaming, gambling, and Web3 space. His contributions to the growth of Spartan Casino and Titan Corp Inc have been invaluable, and he continues to stay at the forefront of the industry by keeping up with the latest trends and developments. With his expertise in NFT art, gaming and gambling, and blockchain, Christopher is well-equipped to deliver innovative solutions that drive the industry forward.

Wayne Allyn Root – Brand Ambassador, Spartan

Sir Wayne Allyn Root is the Founder and CEO of VegasWINNERS.com, America’s premiere sports handicapping site. Wayne has been dubbed by the media as “The King of Vegas” “The Face of Sports Gambling” “America’s Oddsmaker” “The Prince of Prognosticators” and “American Gambling Legend.” Wayne is the only sports gambling figure in the world to receive a star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars. Wayne’s career has been profiled by the biggest media in the world including CNBC, CNN Money, the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Equities, The Financial Times, Success, Worth, and The Robb Report. Wayne also created the reality TV show about Vegas gambling. He Co-Created, Co-Executive Produced and Co-Hosted “King of Vegas” for Spike TV. Wayne is the Brand Ambassador of Spartan casino

Dmitry Paliants, Head of Products

Dmitry has a decade of experience in the gambling and igaming Industry and has joined Titan Corp as Head of Products. He has held C-level positions with very reputable global brands in the live dealer casino Industry. He has expertise in integrating and operating platforms and providing content to casinos and operators in the gambling Industry. He is responsible for gambling sector connections, attraction of content suppliers, and license management. As a Product Head he is responsible for affiliate marketing and risk management implementation on the operational website spartan-casino.com.

Sergei Mochtchenkov, CFA

Sergei is a Chartered Financial Analyst, with 15 years of experience in the financial industry. Sergei focused the earlier part of his career on land development, and real estate valuation. Real estate helped refine his precision and a value oriented approach to financial analysis. The later part of his career was focused on the financial analysis of tech start-ups, in the SaaS, and blockchain space. The fundamental variables of analysis stay the same across all industries says Sergei, they are: value delivered to consumers, protection from competitors and/or substitutes, and the relationship with suppliers and employees.

Dagmar Turkova, Head of Investor Relations

Dagmar has over 15 years’ experience in the financial markets with a focus on investment
management, capital markets, crowdfunding for blockchain projects, and fund-raising for private equity and real estate (Co-living, Holiday Homes and Hostel). She is skilled in capital raising, business retention, and client services with a major focus on global business development and strategies. Accomplished in relationship building, presentations, negotiations, asset management and achieving consensus with key internal and external decision makers with contact base across GCC and Europe. She has an MBA from the City University of Seattle. At Titan Corp she is responsible for liaising with Angel Investors, Regulators and institutional fund houses.

Steve Pritchard, Non Executive Director

Steve is a thought leader on blockchain-based technologies with extensive experience in building online casino frameworks, in sports betting, advertising, marketing, lead generation and in bringing channel partners together. Steve is an initial Angel Investor backing the Titan Corp brand

Galina Mikova, Consultant

Galina is a Hubspot-certified technical writer who has assisted multiple crypto and blockchain-based startups with web design, consultancy services and the development of whitepapers, business and investor proposals, press releases and other on-demand content, resulting in over $50 million raised from private and public investors

Naman Solanki, Senior Design Lead

Naman is a versatile and creative visual designer with over seven years of experience working in the graphic design industry. At Titan Corp he is responsible for creating visuals, concepts, UI Designs, Website Designs and mediums of communication with investors, partners and players.

Sonny Mohanty, Liquidity and CEX Advisor

Sonny is Regional Director at LATOKEN Singapore, one of the rapidly growing crypto Exchange focusing on liquidity for new tokens. She is expertised in Sales, Marketing, Webinar Host, Investor Relations, Business Development & Operations, Client Relationship, Board member. She has a career spanning across a variety of industries in technology and finance such as Telecoms, Computer Tech, FinTech & Hotel Tech. At Titan Corp she has been responsible for bringing leading Exchanges on board, coordinating strategic partnerships and navigating discussions with Angel Investors and market makers. She has a Master’s degree from the University of Westminster.

Obaid Siddiqui, Blockchain and Defi Advisor

Obaid is Vice President at Mobiloitte, with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Blockchain Solutions (Exchange and ICO), Ecommerce, WordPress, Software Implementation, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). At Titan Corp he has been responsible for advising us on gaming solutions, defi platforms and various blockchain solutions.